As we journey through life, we pass through different stages, each with its unique experiences and memories. One of these significant stages is when we become parents. The joy and euphoria that accompany the birth of a child are indescribable and worth documenting. Unfortunately, I didn't consider this when my girls were born, and this remains a regret I carry with me. I didn't have professional newborn photography sessions for my children, and I'd like to share why I think this was a mistake.

The Value of Newborn Photography

Newborn photography is more than just taking pictures. It's about capturing those first few days or weeks of a child's life, documenting their tiny features, and encapsulating the emotions surrounding their arrival. These photos serve as timeless treasures, a gateway into the past. Every time I see newborn photographs of other children, I can't help but wish I had similar images of my kids when they were that little. It’s a fleeting time that I failed to preserve.

The Impact of Growth

Children grow up incredibly fast, and in the blink of an eye, those tiny fingers and toes, that soft newborn hair, and those unique newborn expressions are gone. As my kids grow older, their baby pictures I took on my iPhone 6 are not enough to take me back to those first magical days. The beauty of newborn photography is that it captures the details that change so quickly. Those newborn characteristics fade away before you even realise it, and having professional photos would have been a great way to immortalise those moments.

The Bonding Experience

Newborn photography is not just about the child; it's also about the bond between the parents and the baby. It captures the raw emotions, the love, the awe, the overwhelming joy, and even the nervousness of being new parents. Looking at other parents' newborn photo sessions, I regret not having those intimate moments of our new family captured, moments that were so precious and brimming with emotions.


In hindsight, I realise the importance of newborn photography. It's not just about having professional photos of your child; it's about preserving memories of a time that is so precious yet fleeting. I share my regret not to bring guilt upon parents who, like me, did not get newborn photographs, but rather to emphasize the value of these pictures to those who might be contemplating it. If you are expecting, I'd encourage you to consider investing in professional newborn photography. Trust me; you won't regret it.